Saturday, 20 August 2011

News: Suge Knight Disses Diddy, Says He’s Still On A Mission Against People Who Did 2Pac Wrong (Video)

TMZ caught up with the former Death Row Records boss, who still had some things to get off his chest.

“I aint like those other dudes in the business. I’m the one who don’t go snitching. Everybody else is tellin’ — that’s why I’m the only one to do time. Everybody else never go,” Knight said.

Knight then took a shot at Diddy.

“A lot of these dudes say they love ‘Pac, but at the same time they be doing sh*t like Bucky… I mean Puffy, whatever it is,” Suge said. “Once now all of the truth comes out on all the people who did ‘Pac wrong, we still gotta be back on that mission.”