Saturday, 16 April 2011

D12 - The Return Of The Dozen Vol. 2

01. Eminem Intro
02. Fame
03. Let’s Go -prod. by: Mr. Porter
03. Kill Zone -Freestyle
04. I Made It f./ Trick-Trick -prod. by: Trick-Trick
05. King Kong -prod by. King Karnov
06. Play This Game f./ Maestro -prod. by: Silent Riot
05. Rape A Bartender f./ Maestro -Freestyle
06. 14 Emcees f./ Fatt Father, 3Six, Shakia Snow, Kid Vishis, Shim E.
Bango, T.Dot, Beez, Reddbone, Seven The General, Miz Korona, Mae Day,
Moe Dirdee, Chacity, Calicoe -prod. by: Ess Man & Silent Riot
07. I Go Off -Freestyle
08. Quit Handcuffin’ f./Young Buck -Freestyle
09. On Fire -Freestyle
10. Back In The Day f./ Phenom -prod. by: J-Thrill
11. Fuckin’ You Up f./ King Gordy & Young Zee -Freestyle
12. MidWest Nigga f./ Big T. -prod. by: DubMuzik
13. Kush And Green f./ M.J. Robinson -prod. by: Apollo Brown
14. Fuck In The Truck -prod. by Mr. Porter
15. Tryna Be Cool f./ Maestro
16. Canon -Freestyle
17. Outro
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